$9.99 a Month – Message and Data Rates Apply!

Dear MobChance,

Thanks for subscribing me to your service – at 4:31am on December 2, 2011 (while I was sleeping.)

I appreciate that you felt I needed to get your Brain Teasers three times a week so that I could increase my knowledge.  I realize that my IQ needs improving because you apparently have the ability to communicate with me on a level that I am unaware of, thereby determining that I needed some mental help.

I get many, MANY text messages on a regular basis, and somehow I managed to overlook yours.  Today, when I was reviewing my cell phone bill is when I realized that you had subscribed me to your SPECTACULAR service!

Wow!  Only $9.99 per month!  And I get three Brain Teasers a week!  How wonderful.

After looking at my bill and realizing that I was subscribed to your service, I kinda wanted to know how that happened.  Actually, I didn’t know it was YOUR service until after making a phone call to the number on my cell phone bill (that didn’t go well), and then hunting down the text message and visiting your website.

So here I am on your Brain Teaser site – reading what you get for $9.99/month.

Three brain teasers a week – that’s not bad – figure four weeks in a month, you get 12 brain teasers, and it’s only $9.99.

I was actually expecting one of those ‘But WAIT … there’s MORE’ notices to pop up on the screen.


And guess what.  Those brain teasers that YOU subscribed me to?  I NEVER GOT EVEN ONE!

That’s right – it is now December 29, 2011 and somehow you subscribed me (while I was sleeping) and I never got ONE SINGLE TEXT with a brain teaser since then.

So please remove your $9.99 fee from my cell phone service .. never mind, I already called my cell phone provider who is taking care of it.

And next time – please try to subscribe me when I’M AWAKE .. and then also provide what you CLAIM TO OFFER.

Happy New Year

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