About Las Vegas

In 1975 there were about 260,000 people in the county when I moved here from St. Louis, Missouri.  It was nothing like what you see today.

I’ve seen the transformation of a small town, where locals went Downtown to Fremont Street to enjoy 49 cent breakfasts and penny slot machines, turn into a mega city with stunning themed hotels, amazing stage shows and cuisine from around the world.

It’s not the same place it was when I first moved here.  I cherish what it was then and I appreciate what it is now.

Las Vegas is my home.  It offers visitors and locals a diverse community that caters to everyone’s whims.

Tourists come here to gamble, and that is the foundation of our economy.  But they also come here to enjoy more than just a Blackjack table or slot machines.  They come here for the total package.  The experience of LAS VEGAS!

Our hotel/casinos offer everything.  Wake up in the morning to breakfast buffets or breakfast in bed.  Head down to a pool for families, or a pool that may be a little risque for some.  Spend the afternoon shopping for everything from fridge magnets to designer bags, shoes, clothing and more.

Dinner? Pick your cuisine.  American, Asian, Italian, Cuban, Irish, Caribbean, Continental, English, French … the list goes on and on.

Entertainment? We’ve got plenty of that.  Dress up or dress down and start at the casino lounge where you’ll find a local entertainer or group.  Check out one of the many headliners throughout the city.  Enjoy a Cirque show. Beatles? Michael Jackson? The Osmonds? Yup, we’ve got them too!  Hit one of the clubs. Or just walk around, enjoying the outdoor explosions or water shows.

Got Kids? There’s plenty to keep them busy too.  Hotel pools, arcades, ‘Kid Zones’ at the local hotels, movie theaters, bowling alleys, let’s not forget the Circus Circus Adventuredome!  They won’t be bored!

Overwhelmed? Take a drive out to Red Rock.  Offering a 20-mile loop with hiking trails along the way, you’ll get in touch with nature and relax.  Trails lead up the mountains to streams and gorgeous natural scenery.  You can also find many great rock climbing options.

Need water? Yes, we’re in the desert, but we have water too. Take a short drive out to ‘The Lake’ as we call it and spend some time jet skiing or rent a house boat.  There are plenty of coves and secluded areas that can be intriguing.  It’s an all-day adventure, and can definitely turn into more than that.

More adventures? How about a helicopter ride around the city? The Grand Canyon is a hop, skip and a jump away.

Let’s not forget Mount Charleston.  Lee Canyon offers skiing in the winter and during the summer, the mountain is a great place to get away from the heat and do some hiking or just enjoy a picnic.  Bring the dogs – they’ll love it.  Lots of trails provide options for the short and easy hike, to the challenging all day journey.

Do you see what I’m getting at?  Las Vegas is AMAZING and I love it here. Stay indoors, go outside – whatever you choose, you’ll find a wealth of options for enjoying our beautiful city and surrounding areas.

Ready to consider Las Vegas your home, or second home?  Already a resident looking to sell or buy?  I’m here to help.

Visit me at my Keller Williams website, where you can search for Las Vegas homes, condominiums or townhouses at your leisure.


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