Who Touched My Thermometer?

So I got in my car today and finally decided to FIX this issue I’m having with a display device.

Yes, it needed to be FIXED!  I mean seriously needed to be FIXED!

How long can I drive around looking at the thermometer reading, and the temperature controls in CELSIUS without going crazy?  I can’t read CELSIUS.  I live in the United States.  We use FAHRENHEIT, even though it is a bigger word and harder to spell.

The funny part is that this little issue came up a couple of months ago.  I sat down in the car, went to adjust the temperature and stared at the screen for a bit.  It didn’t look right.  Was it broken?  No, it was reading CELSIUS.

I didn’t switch it to CELSIUS.  How did it do that BY ITSELF? I didn’t even know there was an option to change.  Yes, I’ve owned the car for 11 years, and I have a handy-dandy manual (that I’m sure I read once, maybe), but really, who knew?

After a little thought, I realized my son probably did it when he was driving.  Of course, interrogating him did no good.  He ‘noticed’ it was CELSIUS, but he didn’t know how it happened either.  He ‘claimed’ he got in the car and it was like that.


So, driving down the road today and finally deciding to FIX IT, I got out my handy-dandy manual.  I swear I only read it while I was at red lights!

There it was … Switching from FAHRENHEIT to CELSIUS.  It had its own heading and everything.

And it was really simple, which explains why it happened in the first place.

Now I can look at my comfortable inside temperature of 72 degrees FAHRENHEIT again. On cold days, I no longer have to look at 3 degrees CELSIUS, which I’m going to guess was about 40 degrees FAHRENHEIT.

But I don’t really know, or care.  I’m just happy I can tell what the current temperature is again.